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Our Services

Experience transformative care at Progressive Health. Our chiropractic treatments alleviate pain, while physical therapy restores mobility. Complementing these services, our nutritional counseling ensures optimal nourishment for holistic well-being. Discover the power of our integrated approach today. Explore chiropractic care, physical therapy, and nutritional counseling at Progressive Health & Rehab.

Gahanna chiropractor

Chiropractic Treatment

Enhance your well-being through effective chiropractic treatment. Experience natural relief from pain, improved mobility, and overall wellness. Discover the benefits of chiropractic care today.

Physical Therapy Gahanna

Physical Therapy

Experience personalized treatments and exercises to enhance recovery and regain mobility. Our expert team optimizes your healing process for improved well-being. Discover the power of physical therapy today.

Nutrition counseling Gahanna


Achieve optimal health and wellness through personalized nutrition counseling. Our expert team provides guidance to help you make informed dietary choices, improve your overall well-being, and reach your health goals.

Bracing & Equipment

Experience personalized support using Durable Medical Equipment (DME). We offer back braces, cervical collars, knee braces, and more based on your insurance coverage.